Novak Djokovic captured another US Open title with a four set victory over the weekend.. but the true victory came moments after the match. Not so much an actual win for Djokovic but a MASSIVE win for all of us. You could say it’s “Spartan Sized” too.






I wonder if Gerad Butler ever gets tired of hearing that yelled at him? I bet he just hears it on repeat in his head when he’s trying to enjoy cupcakes and ice cream too. “Don’t you ever want to look jacked again Gerad you disgusting little boy?”

Novak wasn’t satisfied just hamming it up with his ex-King BFF, he also went on Stephen Colbert’s show to scorch him with a wicked serve. Smart move by Colbert keeping the Captain American shield around the set. You really never know when you’ll need to defend yourself against a 130 mph tennis ball…