What a loser. Tacko Fall laughs at this average man. Not that eating 8,000 calories is easy but outside of the energy bars this wasn’t even that much stuff. Must’ve been the gels that did him in… they do always getchya





Regardless this guy can still pound sand. Only 4300 calories injested over 5 hours and you throw in the towel?? Did Lance Armstrong EVER give up out there? N-O-P-E… He always gave it his all with a truly honest effort. Some guys just have no integrity I guess, for shame.

Plus 4300 calories is nothing. As an Eating Olympics ’13 Silver Medalist I can attest. For the few that haven’t participated in the Eating Olympics.. it’s when you weigh yourself in the parking lot before entering a Chinese Buffet. Once inside you stay 4-6 hours consuming everything in your path for Greatness. Weigh yourself in the restaurant after the match has been called. Differential Decides Destiny. Back in ’08 the Gold Medalist gained 6.8 lbs. That’s how you earn free sake for life kids. CLEAN IT UP NORWAY.