This is an 8 part series detailing the draft selections of each NFL team, division by division.   Offensive players and their potential impact on the upcoming NFL season on DraftKings will be scrutinized! 

Philadelphia Eagles

Nelson Agholor USC (1st round)—USCUSATSI_8294255_168381090_lowres
The NFC East draft was somewhat of a letdown for fantasy purposes but Agholor does qualify as a significant fantasy player for 2015, mainly because of who drafted him.  Agholor is essentially the Jeremy Maclin replacement in the Philadelphia offense for 2015 and as many of you may remember, Jeremy Maclin had a pretty huge fantasy year in 2014.  I think Agholor is a good WR who probably got taken a little higher than he should have because he played at USC.  Still, he’s a solid athlete and the type of shifty polished route runner who has been thriving in the NFL these days (Antonio Brown says hi).  To this point, I think Agholor will probably be more of the slot man in Philly with Jordan Matthews doing more outside and deep work, and that is all right with me.  Agholor excels in route running and open space—and has more quickness than overall speed—which makes him perfect for screens and slants.  I like this landing spot for Agholor, he might develop into a solid PPR option for daily fantasy right off the bat.

DraftKings: Daily Fantasy Impact
While I don’t see Agholor as necessarily inheriting all those fantasy points Jeremy Maclin left behind he is a very solid NFL prospect who should benefit greatly from the up-tempo offense in Philadelphia.  Agholor should be the favourite for slot and screen work next year and this makes him extra interesting on DraftKings where PPR points add up quickly (1 point per reception).  Take a measured approach to start the season but keep him in mind as Agholor has the potential for some big fantasy days with Chip Kelly calling the shots.

Washington Redskins

Matt Jones RB (3rd round)—FloridaUSATSI_8220307_168381090_lowres
I think Jones qualifies as my favourite pick in this division, which is shocking because it was made by the perpetually floundering Washington Redskins.  Jones is a big solid back who is incredibly athletic for his size. He’s not overly flashy or fast but he’s a load and one that is incredibly hard to bring down.  I like this pick a lot because if you look at how successful Alfred Morris has been in this offense you have to think Jones has a chance to replicate or even exceed what Morris has done.  Jones has had some knee issues and if those crop up again his rookie season could turn sour, but there’s already rumblings that Jones is at least going to start the season in a timeshare.  I think Jones is more talented than any back currently on the Redskins roster and could see him handling a large number of carries next season.  He’s someone to watch in pre-season.

Jamison Crowder WR (4th round)—Duke
Crowder is a perfect example of a great college performer whose draft stock plummeted as a result of a weak combine.  Crowder consistently looked great throughout his college career.  He had a knack for catching deep balls and is insanely talented at tracking the ball.  Then came the combine.  His 40 time was 4.56 and he measured in the bottom 5 of several other drills.  To me Crowder is an NFL WR, it’s just hard to say what kind.  I think he may catch on as the third or fourth option in Washington and could be an excellent player for the Skins to use when Jackson or Garcon are being doubled.  If he wins a job and gets worked into the offense he could be fantasy useful down the road.

DraftKings: Daily Fantasy Impact
The Skins took two very interesting offensive players in this draft, although only one of them will likely be useful for DFS purposes in 2015.  Crowder may develop into a solid WR but he’s not going to surpass Desean Jackson or Pierre Garcon on the depth chart any time soon.  Matt Jones on the other hand may jump right into the starting role.  He’s more talented than Alfred Morris and the Skins run game has been productive with RGIII at the helm.  Assuming Jones is getting at least 50% of the carries, he is definitely in play for me against weak run defenses on DraftKings next season.


Dallas Cowboys (no significant offensive players taken)

DraftKings: Daily Fantasy ImpactUSATSI_8325482_168381090_lowres
The big draftday winner in Dallas (for fantasy purposes) was Joseph Randle.  You may remember Randle as the person who got busted for shoplifting (yes shoplifting) at some point during last season and was also investigated for domestic abuse (charges dropped).  Even though Randle was nearly cut for off-field shenanigans he did look very good when used in relief work last season.  His only competition is the continually over-hyped, and likely washed up, Darren McFadden, and third down specialist Lance Dunbar.  Randle is a good athlete who projected as a decent back coming out of college. Even though the Cowboys lost their leading rusher, their monstrous O-Line is still intact.  If Randle wins the starting job I think he can have a lot of success in this offense.  He’s someone I’ll be targeting early in the season on DraftKings before his hype gets too big.


NY Giants (no significant offensive players taken)

DraftKings: Daily Fantasy Impact USATSI_8271343_168381090_lowres
I think the Giants lack of activity on offense at the draft means there’s a couple different winners here for fantasy purposes.  First, the Giants have little to no plan to change their “get Odell the ball any way possible” style of offense, and that is very good news for Odell Beckham fans.  While he should receive more coverage from opposing DB’s there’s little reason to think Beckham will receive less targets (even with Cruz back) and he should be an every week fantasy option again in 2015.  The other player I see benefiting from this draft is the newly signed Shane Vereen.  Vereen is a very strong, solid runner who ran 4.5 coming out of college and proved himself as an elite pass catching option while with the Patriots.  In the Giants quick, no huddle style of offense I could absolutely see Vereen prospering and becoming the preferred option for Eli Manning in the backfield.  Considering DraftKings awards a full fantasy point for every reception I’ll be targeting Vereen as a hopefully cheap RB option with lots of upside.