The New Year means a couple of things. I’m going to likely write 2015 on everything that requires a date for at least two months. And it’s almost mid-season in the NBA. Mid-season means All-Star Break and so, the Association is churning out the highlight reels/vines/tweets like mad.

So it’s off the races here as we get a slip, slurp, and guzzle of some of the highlights of the past week.

Lordzingis. Godzingis. Scorzingis. He has many names, but does he have the footwork to also be a soccer player?

Well, he is from Europe. So, yeah…kinda. Too bad the Knicks are always going to the be the Knicks. Which means they are going to break my heart. Every. D@mn. Year. #knickfanproblems

Injuries are a part of the game. And the 82 game season will take its toll, which is where I suggest if you’ve rostered him, I suggest you use the sixth man option. In fact, this Sixth Man.

Mental note, always draft Bill Murray. Last pick in the last round? Bill. Murray. Let’s just work on cloning him. Can we please?

Why? Because the world needs more Bill Murray. Exhibit A.

But I digress. This is about basketball, right? Check your pulse and follow the bouncing ball on this one.

It’s not every day that you get to surprise your dad a the office, but Stephen Curry got to. I think my pops would have peppered sprayed me for that.

Deron Williams hasn’t set the world on fire since leaving the Nets for Dallas, but when you hit the game-winning shot, expect to get mobbed.

Part of me believes it wasn’t so much the game-winning shot part but rather elation that the game was over. Double-O games ain’t no joke on the legs.

Speaking of never giving up Serge Ibaka wins this week for not letting this one get away. Watch the journey. Watch the pursuit.

Dikembe would be proud.


The Ankle Breaker of the Week goes to Cory Joseph. Somebody get that boy some ice.

But the most outrageous play of the week actually came from last night with Stephen Curry with your basic “no-look, behind-the-head alley-oop.” #itsjustthatsimple


All right, breaking away from the hardwood, I just caught wind of this one. I ask, interception or catch?

Till next time, is it spring yet?