If you missed Wednesday night’s ESPYS (or just want to relive all the action), here’s the back and forth combination of entertainment and waterworks that you missed.

Some of the best action from the evening came beforehand on the red carpet. Ronda Rousey threw the haymaker of the year right off the bat.


Then there was Brett Favre presenting Aaron Rodgers with an award. Yes, this was as awkward as it sounds, and ended with Favre showing us he might not be sober.


Russell Wilson and Ciara also appeared to have been taking their relationship to the next level right in front of the cameras during an interview.


For those of you that are unaware, Wilson asked Ciara to refrain from sex until marriage. Just a reminder, Ciara looks like this.


Once the show started, McHale gave a solid opening monologue. I give it a B-, but you can be the judge.

The youthful Warriors were a pretty nice touch. And we had to expect the obvious, and by that I mean an appearance by JPP’s finger.


It wasn’t all laughs, though. Peyton Manning was the definition of a tough crowd.


Or he didn’t get the joke (and his forehead looks to still be growing).

Just when Rodgers and Favre thought they had the awkward moment award locked up, A-Rod and Leslie Chow swooped in and snatched it from them. Not really sure what went on here … but A-Rod nailed all his lines.

We also had a couple of questionable calls when it came to the awards themselves.

LeBron James won the “Best Championship Performance” award. You may recall that LeBron didn’t win the championship. I had no problem with it, though. Honestly, that’s why the MVP award went to Andre Iguodala. LeBron was spectacular in the championship round, so this seems like a nice consolation prize. Some of my fellow Bostonians had different ideas, however.

These all popped up on my timeline within a few seconds of each other.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.39.01 AM


The Brady one is debatable in my mind, but the Pats definitely got snubbed when it came to “Best Play.” Odell Beckham Jr.’s catch was amazing. It also wasn’t a game-winning interception in the Super Bowl.



But if OBJ’s victory gave us anything, this actual made me laugh out loud.


Before we arrive at the actual heart touching moments, I didn’t see Gronk (winner of the “Best Comeback Athlete”) giving a decent, serious, comprehensive, non-party related speech coming from a mile away. I doubt you did either.

Was I able to take him seriously? Nope. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for his inner bro to reveal itself. There were plenty of serious moments involved as there are each year. Stewart Scott, Lauren Hill, Leah Still and Caitlyn Jenner were all honored, and deservingly so.  



Devon Still gave a crazy-emotional speech about his daughter’s struggle if you want to check it out (click here). It was very touching and humbling.

And how about Leah’s message to the crowd? Just casually saying what’s up to ‘Bron.


And no matter your opinion on Jenner, her speech was eye opening in the sense that it’s always important to make sure to be who you really are at your core, while not worrying about judging (or being judged by) others. I’m sure you’ve seen parts of the speech by now, but here it is.  


I feel odd about ending on such a serious note, though. So, ladies and gentleman, Cardale Jones!   


Way to get after it, bro. 

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