If you’re a fan of The Money Team, then this isn’t the post-fight piece for you.

The People's Champ may not have won the fight, but he's a much easier fighter to respect than the undefeated Mayweather
The People’s Champ may not have won the fight, but he’s a much easier fighter to respect than the undefeated Mayweather

Many will tell you that you don’t have to like Floyd Mayweather (because of issues like this), but you have to respect him. The thing is, I don’t even have much respect for him as a fighter. He’s great at what he does … which is dance around the ring and not get hit. He slips in a couple shots here and there and then protects the lead like no other by dancing even harder.

There’s no risk taking involved. Defensive fighting is just boring. Want to know who’s not boring? Manny Pacquiao. Give the guy credit. He went after Floyd and gave him a great fight. Manny fought with pride and wasn’t afraid to go after Mayweather in ways other fighters have been. In the end he came up short, but that’s just another thing I don’t understand — scoring in boxing.

First of all, that fight was way to short. Pacman and Floyd looked like they went for a jog together when it was all over. But the bigger point is that I thought Manny was the better fighter.

Yes, Floyd “landed” more punches, and at a higher percentage, and by that scoring system, he won more rounds. But Manny was giving it to Mayweather, backing him into the ropes and going after him several times.

Of course, the defensive master mind just found ways to wrap Pacquiao up to make sure he wouldn’t be exposed. Without all of the hype, this fight just wasn’t that good — and that’s because of Mayweather’s style.

If you’re a fan of Floyd Mayweather then that’s well within your rights. I’ll never understand what there is to like about him, though. Take out his cockiness and history of domestic abuse and he’s just a boring fighter that dodges enough swings to win. Add those character flaws back in and he’s a boring fighter that’s easy to dislike.

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