We can argue about appropriate NBA/UEFA comparisons all we want, but, Barcelona FC is the Golden State Warriors of European Futbol and I’m sorry that’s not debatable.

Bayern Munich can be the Spurs, ok?

In the first leg of Barcelona’s tie vs. Arsenal in the UEFA Champions League knockout stage, Lionel Messi scored a beautiful goal after a sequence of passes and plays that is nothing short of being categorized as Soccer beauty.

You see that little guy running down the middle of the pitch, Arsenal? That’s Lionel Messi. You might want to mark him.

The clear by Iniesta … that dime pass by Neymar … goodness gracious — feel like i’m watching a pro gamer play FIFA on rookie — but the catch here is: this is real life.

Lionel Messi added a second goal later in the match, and Barce will take a two goal (road) back home to Catalonia.