It’s been a crazy crazy couple of weeks for the drivers preparing to rock the Indy 500. Seems like there’s been a new crash just about everyday and it’s happening to the best of them too. Last week it was Helio Castroneves sucking brick and now you can add two more racers to the list. First up is Ed Carpenter who wiped out Sunday during a practice run but ended up doing more damage to the track wall than himself






Our second racer James Hinchcliffe was not so lucky. Despite a less spectacular crash than Carpenter, somehow Hinchcliffe ended up with the worst injuries of any Indy 500 crash so far


From the Youtube descripton:

A suspension wishbone came loose and penetrated the cockpit… explains exactly what happened to the 28-year-old Canadian driver when his car struck the wall. Hinchcliffe had the steel wishbone enter and exit his right leg, then enter his upper left thigh, and continue into his pelvic region, where it came to a stop. The suspension component pinned the 28-year-old in the car, leading the safety team to cut the wishbone from the chassis to allow Hinchcliffe’s extraction.”Essentially the steel piece cut diagonally through his body, resulting in massive blood loss. Initially it was unclear if he would survive the crash, a source calling it “touch and go.” Thankfully, though, surgery was able to save Hinchcliffe’s life. This will be the end of his racing season


Could be worse I guess but getting a steel rod shoved into your crotch at 200 mph is about as bad as it gets. Will his legs regain feeling by May 24th when the Indy 500 revs up? Uhh TBD