(BBC) – Ben Ross has been taken to hospital after breaking his arm while arm-wrestling fellow ex-rugby league player Wendell Sailor live on Australian TV.Ross immediately clutched his injured right arm after it suddenly gave way, while Sailor, another retired league player, was left visibly shocked.The NRL Footy Show, which broadcast the contest, tweeted: “We’ll keep you updated on Ben throughout the night.”Ross, 35, helped Penrith Panthers win the NRL title in 2003.


The host really summed it up best. “We uh,  we need an ambulance.” So apropos. Also pretty gross. Made me cringe like salt getting poured on a snail. But seriously get an ambulance for that bro ASAFP!



Jk don’t worry about it he’s fine. Friggin Rugby players are just a different breed of human.


I believe it’s a species called “maniacs”

God bless em.