I’m a little late to the party on this, but by now you may have heard of the English dude that just strolled into the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight as a “VIP.” Apparently he just saw Leo DiCaprio walking in and followed him … and that worked. Good for him.

Anyway, I’ve bashed Mayweather over and over again (here, here, here, and here), so I thought I should acknowledge that he is still a human. vip6n-9-web

This kid, Steve Carruthers, met absolutely everyone at this fight, including Manny and Floyd! But the most unexpected part had to be Mayweather’s willingness to take someone with no fame or media credentials under his wing.

Here’s from NYdailynews.com:

“And then after the fight, Carruthers stepped past security guards by joining journalists to wait outside Floyd Mayweather’s and Manny Pacquiao’s dressing rooms.

“I took a selfie with Donald trump with both of us pulling silly faces, and Manny was really nice considering he had just lost the biggest fight of his career,” said the Englishman.

After snapping a photo with the Filipino he got caught by the MGM security team when he asked Mayweather for an autograph.

But the boxer stuck up for the business graduate and told the security guard “I’ve got him,” before inviting shocked Steve to his press conference and then posing for photos.

“There was about four other people there already with their accreditation badges around their necks — so I just walked through and evaded security,” he said. “I just waited outside their dressing rooms and just avoided eye contact with anyone.”

After Pacquiao came out, Carruthers snapped a photo with the defeated boxer. And because no one around was asking questions, Carruthers stuck around and waited for the victorious mayweather to come out as well.

“He was really cool and had a huge entourage,” Carruthers said of Mayweather. “I asked him for a photograph and also an autograph and I was walking with him. He said it was OK to walk along with him, but he had to go do an interview right then.”

After security at MGM tried to stop him for not having accreditation, Mayweather vouched for Carruthers, inviting him to come watch the press conference.

Steve, who has now flown to L.A. for three weeks, added: “After the interview (Mayweather) was like ‘Let’s go do the photos outside.’ I got one and I was going to leave it, but he got security to take quite a few photos. He was really, really nice.””

Mayweather obviously hooked this kid up, so I guess he does have a heart. Pretty cool of him to just bring Carruthers along with him. Or maybe it’s just that easy to become a part of Money’s entourage.

I’m still not a Mayweather fan. Not even close. But cool move by Floyd, and an even cooler move by Carruthers — who couldn’t crack a smile in any of his celebrity selfies.

All photos courtesy of Steve Carruthers/SWNS.com

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