We have an exciting new feature to offer users to help facilitate the process of getting a lineup from a spreadsheet to the ‘My Lineups’ page. Check out the step by step instructions above and head over to your own ‘My Lineups’ page to test it out!

To use the new Lineup Upload Tool, you first navigate to ‘My Lineups’ from the DraftKings home page:


On the ‘My Lineups’ page, you will now see an ‘Upload Lineups’ button that when selected will take you through to the Lineup Upload Tool.


You’ll then have to download the template to use for your lineups. This template is different for each sport and each game set. Be sure to select the sport or game set you want to create lineups for.


Once you have selected your sport and game set, hit the download button to download the CSV that contains all the information related to the game set you’ve selected so you can start building your lineups.


The CSV will contain a column for each position required per lineup on the left hand side of the document, while the right hand side contains instructions, followed by the player information required to build your lineups.


You can create lineups by inputting players in their appropriate positions using either the information in the ‘Name + ID’ column or the ‘ID’ column. NOTE you CANNOT use ONLY the player’s name to build lineups.


You can build up to 500 lineups per upload

After saving your CSV document, you can then select the ‘Upload CSV’ button which will prompt you to find your document and upload your lineups. Select your document.


Upon selecting the previously saved CSV document with your built lineups, you will then be notified of the number of successful and/or unsuccessful lineups that were created. In the example below, all 3 lineups were uploaded successfully.


In this example, some lineups had errors and subsequently these were not uploaded. Any lineups that were not successfully loaded will appear below the successfully loaded lineups and you will be notified as to why the lineup was not uploaded successfully.


To then view your lineups and enter contests, you can then select ‘View Lineups’ which will take you back to the ‘My Lineups’ page with your recently created lineups appearing.



1. Can I edit the columns outside the where the players will be input?

Yes, only the columns where players will be input into their positions within lineup creation are read when lineups get uploaded. You can have any or no data in the other columns and your upload won’t be impacted.

2. Why can’t I upload using just the player name?

For each game set, a player has a unique ID. In order to upload lineups, that unique ID needs to be included

3. Can I make more than 500 lineups for a game set using this tool?

Yes, you can create as many lineups as you want however only 500 lineups can be uploaded per document. To create more, you’ll need to upload several times.

4. What happens if I upload a lineup that I’ve already created?

If you upload multiple lineups that are identical within one document, you will receive an error message notifying you of this. If you upload a lineup that is identical to one that already sits on your ‘My Lineups’ page, you will receive a success message, though there will be no duplicate lineup created