In this week’s edition, we have FIFA reminding us A-rod isn’t so bad, Riley Curry stealing the postgame show, Adrian Peterson intrigue, and Vladimir Putin being Vladimir Putin. So without further delay, here’s Dodgeballs with Cole!


1. FIFA’s Corrupt? What?!


On Wednesday, U.S. and Swiss Authorities conducted raids on FIFA headquarters in the U.S. and Switzerland. Over a dozen FIFA officials were arrested and an indictment including 47 counts of criminal activity was entered against FIFA. Also on this date, Alex Rodriguez passed Lou Gehrig for third all-time RBIs in Major league Baseball. What you say? You didn’t hear about A-Rod over the FIFA corruption coverage. Yeah, I guess a few performance enhancing drug charges pales in comparison to international bribery and money laundering.


2. Curry’s the MVP… Riley that is.

Point Guard and NBA MVP Stephen Cury has led his Goen State Warriors to the 2015 NBA Finals. But that’s not considered winning anymore Riley Curry, his daughter, is winning by stealing every postgame press conference with her being incredibly adorable. She is breaking the internet and Nickelodeon needs to give her her own postgame show.


3. Mike Zimmer is Fed Up with Peterson


Viking Head Coach Mike Zimmer took a harsh tone to Running Back Adrian Peterson sitting out of voluntary OTA’s. Coach Zimmer said,  “he’s really got two choices. He can either play for us or he cannot play.” Sounds a lot like an ultimatum delivered by an ex-girlfriend of mine along time ago. Please note the prefix “ex.”


4. Oh, Putin…


And finally today, we have Russian President Vladimir Putin stating publicly that the U.S. Indictments of FIFA amount to “meddling.” Putin is right, meddling in international cabals, bribery, and money laundering is more his sandbox.


Till next time, I got red hot’s, yes, got ’em for sale!