Here’s some of Kobayashi’s World Record Credentials in case you think he’s a bad dog eating mentor:


Most Hog Dogs Consumed110 in 10 Minutes

Most Hog Dogs Consumed Without A Bun60 in 2.35 Minutes

Most Nathan’s Hot Dogs Consumed69 in 10 Minutes



He’s impressive no doubt and there’s some solid tips in there if you really want to spice up your BBQ activities this year. However let’s not forget this piece of trash doesn’t even compete in the “Nathan’s 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest” anymore and he’s a coward of the highest order.

Even if he did compete, Joey Chestnut the G.O.A.T. would wipe the floor with him again as he always has. Would’ve been so sweet to see America defeat Japan on July 4th and then do it all again on July 5th… Oh well, I guess a World Cup VICTOOOOOOOOOORY will have to do :)