Don’t worry he’s fine. Tis but a scratch! Definitely makes you wonder how these guys do this everyday. This isn’t even a race, WE TALKING BOUT PRACTICE. Just a casual day of traveling in a circle at 227 mph. Helio is already on the mend and looking for his record 4th Indy 500 Victory coming up on May 24th. Not even phased in the least..

“The good news is the impact wasn’t very strong and the landing was smooth as well. In all aspects, I have to say I was very lucky there was no big shunt. The accident was most impressive, but the good news is I am feeling very good. This just set us back one day since it is Wednesday. The good news is we still have Thursday and Friday before qualifying. I’m counting on my guys, my boys, to put the car back together and go back to work”