We’ve all seen one of those videos on the internet/news at some point when a vicious fight starts, someone gets knocked out cold, and the victim continues to have their lifeless corpse pummeled with no regard for human life. No matter how much they may have deserved it, as an innocent bystander: it’s human nature to beg for mercy.


If James Harden keeps this up, he is going to be “the lifeless corpse” which we are standing over — wondering if we should call the paramedics or not…

If you remember, Lil B unleashed his “Based God Curse” on Harden for stealing his “cooking” gesture — and not properly paying tribute to him for it.


Despite having an incredible Game 4, the Based God Curse prevailed … causing James to set all sorts of “Most Turnovers in a single game/playoff series” records …

capitals fire

and fumble away a potential buzzer-beating shot attempt in Game 2, after having the  game of his life…

…among many other “WTF was that?” Harden moments throughout the series.

It got to the point that Lil B even felt bad for Harden, and asked The Based God to lift the curse:

As you all know by now, the Warriors defeated the Rockets in 5 games — and that was that…



TMZ Sports caught up with Harden in Houston last night, AND THEN THIS HAPPENED:

OH NO. “I’ve never heard of him”. Did that actually come out of Harden’s mouth? DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’VE DONE?

Just when you thought Lil B retired the curse for the year, and went hibernating for the offseason … he resurrected from his voodoo cave like The Undertaker after kicking out of a pin attempt…


I know what you’re thinking: “Before this whole curse thing, I didn’t know who Lil B was either. Maybe Harden is telling the truth?”


July 19th, 2011!!!!!!!! LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.

Lil B is coming for you, James Harden, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I’d seriously consider walking around like Berman in Little Giants in fear of ‘The Based God’ curse coming after me like the death does for the characters who survive the plane crash in Final Destination.


At first, this was just a joke … but, Harden continues to mock the most powerful force on this planet — and now I am legitimately concerned for his health. What he told TMZ is the verbal equivalent of standing in the middle of a golf course during a lightning storm, and holding a driver above your head.



You’re just asking for God to strike you down, or in this case: a Based God.

Until Harden properly pays homage and begs for mercy: #ThoughtsAndPrayers to the entire Rockets franchise and their fans.




(h/t SBNationNBA)