What a way to honor Indiana basketball AND one of the best sports movies ever made. Truthfully I’ve never seen it but the ending looked pretty neat and thankfully not the least bit cliche.

If I’m gonna watch a Gene Hackman sports movie give me Shane Falco every damn time. Houseboats are way cooler than a bunch of lame dudes in the Midwest. Can’t deny how fire their uniforms are though..


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It’s definitely a cool way to honor the 30th Anniversary of the movie and Larry Bird is ALL about it


“Our team will be honored to wear the Hickory uniforms because of the attention it will bring to the storied history of Indiana basketball and the success of that movie, Hoosiers’ takes us all back to a special place and time.”


Only thing is need to know is… does this mean the Washington Redskins are gonna do a 15th Anniversary of The Replacements this season? Smartest move Dan Synder could do right now is change their name to the Washington Sentinels like ASAP.


PS: Here’s the entire movie of The Replacements because the internet is a wonderful place