(PBT) – “Sacramento, I think, wants to hold onto him. Certainly the onwer Vivek Ranadive absolutely wants to hold onto DeMarcus Cousins. But I’ve been told if you polled the rest of the organization, the vast majority are in favor of trading DeMarcus Cousins and that would include, though he denies it, coach George Karl.”



I’m pretty confident there’s actually never been a time in DeMarcus Cousin’s career he’s had one ounce of stability or trust within the Kings organization. Kinda hard to play for a team that not only dogs it every single night but also has the insane circus-ringleader leadership of that entire ownership group.

Let’s not forget the man in total control is the man who said this last season…


“Since this summer, there have been reports that Kings owner Vivek Ranadive wanted his team to experiment with playing a 4-on-5 defensive scheme with a cherrypicker on the offensive end. A disagreement over this plan was supposedly one of (many) factors that led to head coach Mike Malone’s dismissal, as ridiculous an idea as it is.”



So in true BOOOOOOOGIE fashion, DeMarcus subtweeted the shit out of all those trade rumors.




And here comes the true possible savior of the Kings Franchise, the hairiest forearms in the game himself Mr. Vlade Divac!





LOL guys but you can still color me shocked if Boogie is a King by the dawn of the new year. One thing is for certain though.

Nothing has ever been more for sure than Rajon Rondo being the NBA equivalent of Jared Leto’s new Joker in Suicide Squad. Eerily on point/awesome/completely correct..







PS: Would you EVER trust this man?