Kobe Bryant returned to the land of his childhood roots on Tuesday night: Philadelphia, PA…

He was introduced to the 76ers home crowd for the final time, and was welcomed like a hero…

My dude just received the same amount of cheers during player intros that the 76ers have gotten in like the last 5 years collectively.

…and for the first time all year: KOBE ACTUALLY MADE HIS SHOTS and had NINE points in the first minute! THIS IS IT … THIS IS THE GAMETHIS IS KOBE’S SWAN SONG:


But then, Oh No … Bad Kobe returned and in one of the most embarrassing ways ever:

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Kobe no more pleaseeeeeeeeee.

He needs to revise his poem IMO

Anyways, the Lakers lost … but, Kobe was serenaded by the Philly crowd before he left and the 76ers game presentation staff celebrated like it was their first win of the year or something

2015-2016 Lakers tank, FULL STEAM AHEAD