It is coming down to the wire. Will it be Westbrook? Curry? Harden? Who is going to get the Maurice Podoloff Trophy and be crowned the 2014-2015 Most Valuable Player of the NBA?

Truth is, nobody knows. Everyone has their opinion and everyone also has an orifice by which they excrete waste from their bodies. I prefer to call mine my laptop.

Votes for the Podoloff MVP trophy are cast by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters throughout the United States and Canada. Each ballot contains the names of the first through fifth players that each writer or broadcaster thinks is the most valuable player for season. The player with the most votes gets the hardware.

But I’m interested in something more to the core of this highly coveted accolade. Exactly, who the F#$K was Maurice Podoloff?!

Instantly, my mind raced with folklore and intrigue. He could have been a high flying flashy basketball player from the mean streets of Detroit that revolutionized the game with the first ever granny-style free throw. He could have been the first to perfect the “layup” and forever mystify his opponents with getting the basketball in the basket with as little effort as possible.


Turns out, truth is much more boring. Maurice Podoloff was the first president of the Association. A lawyer from Yale University who helped developed the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League. Podoloff would later negotiate the merger that later formed our beloved Association. His wikipage is rather short, but worth a quick read, BECAUSE HISTORY MATTERS!

Podoloff introduced what we most identify with the modern game; the shot clock, the collegiate draft, and television contracts. Pretty impressive for a Ukrainian-Jewish immigrant, eh?

So back to who gets to take home the trophy with his name on it? It’s still up in the air but honestly, there should be a Most Valuable Fantasy Basketball Player Award voted on by fantasy basketball bloggers and guys who think their opinion matters. I call dibs on the DOWDEN DAILY FANTASY MOST VALUABLE PLAYER AWARD!!

So with that, amaze your drinking buddies at the bar as you watch the waning days of this fine NBA Season.


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