It’s the most wonderful time of the basketball year! We finally get to learn who gets stuck with human garbage Kwame Brown which teams will be picking in the top 3 when the 2015 NBA Draft goes down June 25th.  Will there be some Manhattan magic in the air for the Knicks tonight? Not likely but I am saying there is a chance!


The Knicks haven’t picked this high since 1986 and have a 88% chance at landing inside the top 5. Minnesota is hoping to become the first team since 2004 to have the NBA’s worst record and actually win the #1 pick. If Tankadelphia has their way they could end up with 3 picks in the top 11 which is absolutely insane. Props to Sam Hinkie for instilling this much false hope in an entire fanbase/city, truly impressive. Lakers fans will be holding onto their butts real tight since their pick goes to Philly if it falls out of the top 5.  Isn’t the Lottery fun!

Granted David Stern is never TOO far away from his puppet strings, but I definitely don’t see the Knicks winning it tonight. I don’t think a team that epitomizes glorious tanking like the Sixers will either. My gut says Minnesota and that would be pretty cool since it’d give them three #1 picks to play under the tutelage of General Garnett. But let’s not forget about those puppet strings…


Lets give Kobe the best Wildcat since Julius Randle and see what happens! Give me money! Money me! Money now! Hey everyone loves Showtime right? Speaking of which don’t sleep on the Miami Heat. Godfather Riley knows a thing or two about puppet strings too and ya just NEVER know what could happen with those slippery little ping pong balls. Godspeed to whoever ends up with this sack of flesh