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Who would’ve thought Robin Lopez could be so hilarious huh? I only knew him as the nameless Lopez brother but he is quickly making Brook and his glass slipper feet seem like a distant memory. Doc Brown costumes? Sideshow Bob shoutouts? He’s his own NBA impressionist!

It’s super cool to see a NY athlete mix it up with the common folk of the lands although Robin picked a TERRIBLE Comic-Con to attend. Any other year or city his Doc Brown costume would’ve been my #1 pick of the day. Unfortunately though, some dude decided to dedicate 1600 hours + lots of metal + shiny lights + lord knows what else into making the sweetest costume the world may ever see.

Ain’t spare time a beautiful thing?



Props to Robin though, even the Hulk doesn’t stand a chance against that thing. Delorean or not he certainly never did. Maybe they can team up for next years Comic-Con… Robin does have Thor’s pouty child look on lock AND he’s phenomenal at crushing useless opponents.

He’d make a perfect Avenger!