Maybe my mind is just dirty.

Perhaps, I’m just obscene.

But is the new Wizards playoff logo a just a wee bit…well, just take a look.

Just give it a close look.

Is it a whoo-hah with a landing strip?

Is it a dogstar with a tramp stamp?

Is it a ham in fish net?

What happened to the wizard we all knew and hated?!?!

I know where this is going. This is where the guy with string of alphabet soup letters behind his name shows me smudges of ink blots on a sheet of paper and then tells me I’ve got issues with authority.

I’ve been sized for my straight jacket and I’m a 54 long. I’ve got a standing reservation at St. Elizabeth’s with validated parking.

So what do you see? I mean I can’t be the only one seeing this.

I see the balloon knot of the netherworld with a needle pointing true north.

I see the everything but the articles I read the swimsuit issue for.

I’m seeing the 5th seed in the east’s naughty bits through a peep hole.

Where is my mind? Perhaps it’s frayed from the cabin fever of this NBA season. Perhaps I’m just too excited to see the matchups beginning to formulate for the 2015 NBA Playoffs.

Can Indiana, with Paul George healthy, run the table on the Eastern Conference?

Can the Warriors come out and play against the armada of the Western Conference?!?!

What do you see?

Don’t even get me started on the Houston Rockets logo.

Till next time, “I am the walrus, goo goo g’ joob goo goo goo g’ joob” and follow me @Deepdfspicks.