Everyone: say ‘Congratulations’ to the new Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls — Fred Hoiberg!

Yay, Fred! Now, we all know you’re a coach coming up from the college ranks … so, there’s probably going to be a reverse honeymoon period where the players and front office executives are going to test your basketball knowledge/IQ/philosophies right off-the-bat to feel you out and see how it translates to the professional level. All you have to do is NOT rock the boat the first couple of months, and you should be ok… for example: don’t tweet something stupid.


This should make for a fun first day at the office when Joakim Noah refuses to acknowledge your existence, let alone: buy into your system. Don’t worry, though, he totally seems like a forgiving guy/someone who doesn’t troll the people he hold grudges against.

In his first crunch-time moment/timeout of the 2015-2016 season, I hope Hoiberg draws up some stupid play — and Noah screams: “LOOK AWAY, KIDS!”, when it fails…