Up three games to zero in the series, the Bulls were on the verge of sweeping the Bucks on Saturday. Then, this happened:

You can see the frustration in Derrick Rose’s body language. Rose put the loss on himself after the game for getting burned backdoor, but Chicago wanted that sweep. They could have used the rest before beginning the next round. But hey, games like this happen. With their backs against the wall, the Bucks found a way to squeak one out at home.

On Monday the Bucks stunned the Bulls again, 94-88, this time in Chicago to make it a 3-2 series. We’re set to head back to Milwaukee for a Game 6. Michael Carter-Williams severely outplayed D-Rose in Game 5, posting a near triple-double with 22 points, nine assists and eight rebounds.

The Bucks have a huge chance to send this series to a Game 7 that nobody thought we would see them in. But the Bulls also have a huge chance to finish this series off too. Perhaps even a better chance than they would to finish the Bucks in a Game 7 on their home floor.

Rose's game log of the series from ESPN.com
Rose’s game log of the series from ESPN.com

Rose will need all the rest he can get if he and the Bulls are going to finish off the Bucks
Rose will need all the rest he can get if he and the Bulls are going to finish off the Bucks

Above is Rose’s game log from the first five games of the series. Notice that his two productive games have both come on three days of rest (the series started with three days in between the Bulls’ regular season finale). Game 6 is set for Thursday night, which means it will give Rose the time he needs to recover and play like he did in Games 1 & 3. This is the Bulls chance to finish things off, because if the pattern holds, Game 7 would be just two days later on Saturday.

The Bucks have seemingly made this a series out of nowhere, so props to them for pulling that off. I’m still picking the more talented Bulls, but they’d better close it out in six to avoid putting a LOT more pressure on themselves — especially with what we can expect to be a fatigued Rose if there were to be a Game 7.

With that said, the stage is also set for these young Bucks to continue playing carefree basketball with house money. And what’s waiting for the winner? A run down Cavs team coming off probably as taxing of a sweep as you could have over the Celtics. After losing their cool in Game 4, they’ll be without Kevin Love for the entire series (dislocated shoulder) and J.R. Smith for the first two games in Cleveland (suspension).

This Bulls vs. Bucks series just got interesting.

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