Do I even need to type words in these posts? It feels like i’m putting ’em up every single night — and you know what? I am, because this dude is that damn ridiculous.

You’re not here to read words I vomit onto this screen, you’re here to taste test the most recent edition of Chef Curry’s menu … so, let’s get to the 11/2/15 edition of THE STEPH SHOW



Thought Steph Curry couldn’t get any better than he was last year? His 21 three-pointers made so far is the new NBA record for most through four games in a single NBA season.


Steph Curry has scored 148 points this season in 125 minutes of play. That means he’s averaging 1.184 points per MINUTE when he’s on floor … for those keeping track at home: that’s 56.8 points per 48 minutes.

Steph Curry has three 20-Point quarters this season.
  • CP3
  • D Rose
  • Goran Dragic
  • Paul George
  • Z Bo
  • Tim Duncan
have zero 20-point games.

Before you raise another banner in the rafters this early, Warriors fans, just remember: it doesn’t matter if you win by 1 or 100… …winning’s winning.