The NBA season is lengthy and ever-changing. Our weekly position rankings will give you the top-3 players at each position over the course of the season. There’s sure to be some staples throughout the season, as well as some much welcomed surprises. Without further adieu …


Point Guards

Stephen Curry — Welp, Damian Lillard took over the top spot for a week. That was cute. Steph and the Warriors are still just doing things we’ve never seen before. His 35 points on Monday included seven triples in just 28 minutes during a blowout win in Cleveland. It’s practically impossible to be more efficient.

Chris Paul — CP3 has been ballin’ lately, and he’s being called upon a lot more with Blake Griffin out of the lineup. Blake will return soon, but for the time being, Paul is carrying a huge load on offense. He had a monster Monday himself — 28 points (5-for-7 from downtown), 12 assists, six boards, six steals.

Russell Westbrook — Lillard came crashing back to the real world this week with a couple of brutal performances in the wake of his five-game hot streak. Westbrook hasn’t cooled down at all aside from a disappointing ejection. Westy is working on back-to-back triple-doubles in just 27 and 33 minutes of action.

Shooting Guards

Jimmy Butler — Butler has been so hot lately. Just when we thought it was over, Jimmy goes and drops a 53/10/6 line with three steals in a crazy OT comeback over Philly. Let’s chalk up his four points the next night against Dallas as running out of gas in a back-to-back. Butler is the top SG no matter the matchup.

James Harden — Harden isn’t as special as he was at the beginning of the season, but he’s still one of the top SG’s. He has the potential for 60+ DK points (roughly what he needs to exceed his value in the $10K range), but he doesn’t go off nearly as often as we’re used to. Frankly, there are much better options than Harden unless his price is significantly reduced.

DeMar DeRozen — DeRozen has been the best of the rest at SG. He’s not as sexy as the top options, but he’s playing 35-40 minutes a game and consistently finds ways to keep his scoring up. DeRozen has been rebounding the ball above average over the past couple weeks, which gives him a little boost over the field. 

Small Forwards

Kevin Durant — KD is probably the most consistent option at SF. He’s always going to give you mid-high 20’s in the points column, and is doing a better job this season of filling up the rest of the stat sheet. Like Harden, his breakout games have become more rare, but we know the potential to do so is still there.

Paul George — PG13 has had a very streaky season. It finally seems he’s leveled off to a degree in the past couple of weeks. LeBron and Carmelo aren’t at the top of their games right now, so knowing what you’re going to get from George is comforting.

Jae Crowder — No typo here. LeBron and/or Carmelo should be back on this list soon, but right now Crowder is outplaying them, especially when it comes to value. Crowder’s a Jimmy Butler/Draymond Green-esque two way player that’s really making the most of his opportunity in Boston. He just keeps getting better the more Brad Stevens asks of him.

Power Forwards

DeMarcus Cousins — Boogie has been on a roll lately, and it’s about time. He’s had a double-double in seven consecutive games, and has been reaching at least close to value on a nightly basis. His seven-game streak of 29+ points came to and end in his last game against the Clippers, but he still backed it up with 19/13/6 and a pair of rejections.

Draymond Green — It was bound to happen. Draymond has cooled down. He missed a game due to rest (something we should see more of) and followed it up with back-to-back games failing to reach double-digits in any statistical category (very rare). He was back to his old tricks in Cleveland, though. Green was three rebounds shy of a triple-double in just 31 minutes. Anytime Draymond is on the slate, it’s tough to pass up the most well-rounded player in the league.

Paul Millsap — Millsap’s been fantastic in limited minutes. He’s played just 27 minutes in three of his last four games, but is still producing. The last time Millsap shot under 50% from the field in a game was January 5th, which is great for his efficiency, but you can’t help but wonder what his value would be if he were getting 36 minutes per game.


Dwight Howard — Dwight is back. Monday night marked his 10th consecutive double-double, and it was a loud one. Howard went off for 36 points and 26 boards in an OT loss to the Clippers. It’s officially time to restore confidence in Superman.

Pau Gasol — Gasol hit a little bit of a rough patch, but he appears to be back on track. Pau has played 36 minutes in his last three (not including a rest day vs. the 76ers), and with Joakim Noah on the shelf for 4-6 months, those minutes should stay there. Gasol was red hot in Detroit on Monday, going for 31 points and 12 rebounds along with three assists and three blocks.

DeAndre Jordan — Jordan missed some time, but he was good enough in his return to confidently keep him in the ranks of the elite centers. Despite letting Howard have his game of the season, Jordan was still able to post 16 points and grab 15 boards in 41 minutes. He’s healthy, no doubt about it.

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