The NBA season is lengthy and ever-changing. Our weekly position rankings will give you the top-3 players at each position over the course of the season. There’s sure to be some staples throughout the season, as well as some much welcomed surprises. Without further adieu …


Point Guards

Stephen Curry — Did you watch Saturday night? This dude’s range is the single most deadly weapon in NBA history.

Chris Paul — CP3 has been doing it all since Blake Griffin went down and then extended his own absence. It’s been bad news for the Clips’ title hopes. However, Paul’s never been more valuable in the fantasy game, posting a 40/8/13 line against the Kings on Friday.

Russell Westbrook — Russ has been as Russdiculous lately as usual. Paul and particularly Curry just happen to be playing out of their minds. Westbrook is still the most electrifying athlete in the league and poses a triple-double threat every night.

Value Play: Damian Lillard — Lillard’s been the other elite PG. The odd man out can’t go without recognition right now, though. PG is a deep position, but it’s not worth looking too far down the board with talent like this always available. Don’t forget about Rondo, Lowry, Wall …

Shooting Guards

James Harden — Harden’s a no brainer atop the SGs. He had his standard dud against Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs, but otherwise he’s been matchup proof. No team has been more inconsistent than the Rockets, but that hasn’t rubbed off on Harden as an elite fantasy play.

Victor Oladipo — Speaking of inconsistent, Oladipo has been just that. SG is thin, though, so he’s often the next best option to Harden. It’s probably better to just look for value plays, but Victor’s ceiling is high.

Klay Thompson — See above. We really need some SGs to step in here and up their play. Klay can lay a dud on you or drop 37 in a quarter. His ceiling is as high as any, though, you’ve got to give him that.

Value Play: Evan Turner — I said ET might lock himself into this spot for the rest of the season and I wasn’t kidding. He does it all for Boston off the bench and often is in the neighborhood of a triple-double. He regularly hits 6X value.

Small Forwards

Kevin Durant — KD has been in a zone over his last two, going for 32+ points, 12+ boards and 5+ assists in each game. Durant is always engaged as a scorer, but he’s at his best when he’s aggressive on the glass and finding his teammates like he is right now.

Kawhi Leonard — Kawhi was fantastic before missing three games and now he’s been fantastic again in his first three games back in the lineup. He’s doing it all on both ends per usual, but Leonard has also been shooting it really well over his last two.

Giannis Antetokounmpo — The Greek Freak has been, well, freakishly good lately. Long arms don’t get you fantasy points, but you don’t understand this kid’s reach until you see it in person. He’s been using it well lately to score around the rim and crash the boards.

Value Play: Doug McDermott — Dougie McBuckets has been a solid piece in the Bulls’ spotty rotation over the last five games. Since exploding for 30 points against the Raptors, McDermott’s posted double figures in every game.

Power Forwards

Anthony Davis — Davis seemed to finally turn a corner, and then of course gets injured in warmups and promptly misses another game. Given the landscape at PF right now, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. He actually remained productive after his 59/20 explosion.

DeMarcus Cousins — Boogie’s good for an occasional dud, but when he’s locked in there’s no stopping him. Cousin’s is easy to read. He shies away against tough matchups and has a really difficult time in back-to-backs. Otherwise he’s poised for big numbers.

Draymond Green — Draymond is just such a unique player. He made a scene about his role in the offense at halftime of the Thunder game, but check out his final line — two points, 14 rebounds, 14 dimes, six steals and four blocks. That has to be the best two-point game in NBA history.

Value Play: Marvin Williams — Marvin has been ballin’. He’s never been as involved in the offense as his recent hot stretch, highlighted by 26 points and 13 boards in a win over Indy that featured five hits from downtown.


Al Horford — Al’s been sneaking in some crazy good games since the All-Star break. None more impressive than his 23/16/6 vs GSW to go along with three steals and five rejections.

Hassan Whiteside — Whiteside is back in the mix for Miami. He’s capable of coming off the bench and posting a monster double-double and a handful of rejections. Every here and there he’ll throw you one of those always impressive triple-doubles with blocks. 

Pau Gasol — Chicago is leaning heavily on Gasol right now, and he hasn’t been letting down. If you owned him on Saturday night, there wasn’t much to complain about with his 22/16/14 with three swats.

Value Play: The center position is loaded right now. Drummond, Lopez, Towns, Jordan … the list keeps going. Now is a great time to use dual centers in your lineups.

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