The NBA season is lengthy and ever-changing. Our weekly position rankings will give you the top-3 players at each position over the course of the season. There’s sure to be some staples throughout the season, as well as some much welcomed surprises. Without further adieu …


Point Guards

Russell Westbrook — Russ dropped three straight triple-doubles last week, including a 24/19/14 line we haven’t seen since Larry Bird’s days in the league. Westbrook is at the top of his game right now and flirting with a trip-dub practically every night.

Stephen Curry — Just because Steph takes a backseat to Westbrook this week, doesn’t mean he isn’t still in dominant MVP form. His 51-point, 11-triple performance in D.C. was breathtaking … and also appeared effortless. With the ability to do that at any given time, Curry is as dangerous a fantasy option as any.

John Wall — Of course, after Steph’s big game against the Wiz, everyone forgot that Wall went for 41 points and 10 dimes in the loss. Since then he’s dropped a triple-double on the Sixers in just 33 minutes, and nearly did it again vs. the Hornets with 23/6/10.

Value Play: Norris Cole — His price is starting to creep up, but as long as Tyreke Evans is sidelined, Cole is going to see 30+ minutes. He’s been making the most of it, and shown the ability to be successful even with Jrue Holiday playing big minutes again.

Shooting Guards

James Harden — Harden is doing his usual damage. He hasn’t been exploding as often this season, but when he does he makes sure it’s worth while — he went for 40/7/11 against Washington with four steals and six 3-pointers. 

Klay Thompson — With Jimmy Butler injured, SG takes a huge hit. Klay’s ceiling is as high as any (kind of obvious when you drop 37 in a quarter), but his floor is killer. Because he’s a straight scorer, he can disappoint on off-nights. He’s been on for the most part lately, though.

Kobe Bryant — Told you SG took a huge hit. But seriously, Kobe belongs here right now. Who knows what’s going on, but The Mamba’s been deadly since taking some time to rest. He’s been playing 30+ minutes and scoring the ball like his old self, highlighted by 38 points in a win over the Wolves.

Value Play: Evan Turner — Turner does it all all the bench for the red hot Celtics. He only plays 25-30 minutes, but his versatility makes it hard for him not to accumulate fantasy points. His shots are going down right now too, which is the main reason he’s such a great value.

Small Forwards

Kevin Durant — KD’s been in the zone. He’s scored 30+ points in four of his last five, and dropped 40+ in two of his last seven. Those two 40-point games each came along with 14 boards and five assists. He and Westbrook are dominating for a Thunder team being underrated by many.

LeBron James — LeBron isn’t scoring as much as usual, he seems to be deferring to his teammates in the Cavs’ new offense. That gives James plenty of triple-double opportunities, though. He’s fresh off a 21/10/10 game against the Kings.

Carmelo Anthony — ‘Melo has been in and out of the Knicks lineup these past couple weeks, but when he’s on the floor he’s effective. Anthony is playing some of his best team basketball this season, which has really boosted his fantasy value. Hopefully his knee issues don’t continue.

Value Play: Aaron Gordon — Gordon burst onto the scene since being thrown into Orlando’s starting five. His breakout game against Boston for 19/14/5 really shows what he’s capable of, and he’s continued to display that potential ever since.

Power Forwards

Anthony Davis — With the PF position as weak as ever, Davis reclaims his top spot. He hasn’t been fantastic, but he’s been on the floor for around 40 minutes over his last six games. During that stretch he’s scored over 20 points in every game and gone for five double-doubles (missing the other two by just a couple rebounds).

Draymond Green — Draymond leads the league with 10 triple-doubles, and probably could have 20 with a a rebound here or an assist there. He does it all for the Warriors every night, which makes him so valuable. Even when he doesn’t score he produces. You can expect a very unique line from Green no matter the matchup.

DeMarcus Cousins — Boogie has some really frustrating off nights where he seems unengaged. Despite those lows, DeMarcus’ highs are just too valuable. His triple-double with four 3-pointers against the Nets being the best example of late. 

Value Play: Marvin Williams — Williams has been playing really well for a banged up Hornets team. Their stars have been in and out of the lineup, but even when Batum or Walker is in there, Williams is still capable of a nice game. 


Pau Gasol — The Bulls are decimated with injuries right now, especially in the frontcourt. Gasol is forced to pick up the extra slack whether he wants to or not. He did it all in his last game, posting a 22/10/7 line with two steals and three blocks. Expect plenty more of that. 

DeAndre Jordan — DJ is playing more minutes with Blake Griffin lost for a while. Although he’s not going to make up for any of the scoring, Jordan has been an animal on the glass. He’s pulled down 15+ boards in seven of his last eight games while also blocking 3+ shots in each of his last five. Scoring the ball is simply a bonus.

Karl-Anthony Towns — Towns just continues to impress. It’s shocking how good this kid is already. KAT has posted a double-double in 10 of his last 11, missing out by just one rebound in the game he failed to do so. He’s a shot blocker with 3-point range, which adds a ton of value.

Value Play: Gorgui Dieng — Towns isn’t the only center ballin’ in ‘Sota right now. Dieng has been playing nearly 40 minutes over his recent hot streak, and has been a double-double machine. He’s a solid shot blocker and a very underrated passer as well.

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