The NBA season is lengthy and ever-changing. Our weekly position rankings will give you the top-3 players at each position over the course of the season. There’s sure to be some staples throughout the season, as well as some much welcomed surprises. Without further adieu …


Point Guards

Stephen Curry — Same old, same old. On Monday night Steph sat out the fourth-quarter, but thanks to 17 points in a three-minute span and a triple-double in only 30 minutes, still managed a huge night. This guy’s incredible.

Chris Paul — CP3 has been taking his game to the next level lately. He’s carrying the scoring load for the Clippers, while maintaining his assist numbers. With Blake Griffin sidelined, everything will be running through Paul for the next couple weeks.

John Wall — Wall has the green light to do as he pleases in D.C. and he’s really been controlling the game lately. What’s been most impressive has been his improved willingness and ability to find his teammates — posting nearly 14 dimes per game over the last two weeks.

Shooting Guards

James Harden — The SG position has been a little weaker than it should be this season, but Harden has typically topped the list. As I’ve said all year, the scoring is great, but his developments in all other phases of his game have been what makes him the best.

Klay Thompson — Klay doesn’t stuff the stat sheet so it’s tough to place him ahead of Harden unless he’s really in the zone (as he was last week). Thompson has improved his scoring tremendously in December after a slow start. Fantasy wise, he makes up for his lack of versatility by knocking down so many 3-pointers.

DeMar DeRozen — DeRozen has been scoring the ball at an elite rate recently, which has really helped his value. Aside from Harden and Thompson, no other SG is close to scoring the ball like DeRozen right now. Once you factor in his strong effort on the glass and ability to find his teammates, this guy is a strong play at a struggling position.

Small Forwards

Kawhi Leonard — Kawhi just keeps getting better and better. Not only can he do anything you ask of him on the floor, but he’s also become a matchup nightmare for opposing small forwards. He’s earned his way to the top.

Kevin Durant — KD is right behind Leonard with his stats taking a slight hit in the Thunder’s new system. Westbrook and Durant are obviously key to OKC’s success, but they’ve been running a more balanced offense, which has resulted in more wins. It hasn’t been ideal for fantasy value, though.

Carmelo Anthony — He’s not always efficient scoring the ball, but ‘Melo gets it done on the offensive side of the ball. He’s a fantastic rebounder and an underrated passer — Anthony was actually an assist away from a rare triple-double this month. Since Porzingis has hit the rookie wall, ‘Melo has picked up the slack. 

Power Forwards

Draymond Green — He does it all seemingly every single game. Green is the Kawhi Leonard of power forwards, but maybe even more versatile. It’s scary to think about how much Green is capable of doing on any given night when all phases are clicking at once.

Anthony Davis — AD was half a point shy of scoring 50 DK points in the first half alone on Christmas Day in Miami. THAT’S the ceiling we’ve been waiting for. During games he is at his peak, he’s the best fantasy option there is. Those games have just been few and far between this season.

Chris Bosh — Bosh always seems to be a consistent option, but he’s been heating up as one of the top PF options. He’s been a strong rebounder, but what’s really separated him lately has been getting hot from downtown.


Andre Drummond — Drummond posted 22 points and 22 rebounds in a loss to the Celtics on Saturday. It was his fifth 20/20 game this season. The rest of the NBA has one 20/20 game. This guy’s a beast.

Pau Gasol — Pau has been fantastic lately. His efficiency may have taken a small drop off since catching fire earlier in the month. However, his minutes have gone up, so when it comes to fantasy, he’s now an even more productive player.

Hassan Whiteside — Whiteside is somewhat of a wildcard, but he’s going to rip down boards and reject shots no matter what. That’s going to put forward a good fantasy performance most games, but what really rockets his value is when he can also make shots combined with a good scoring game.

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