The NBA season is lengthy and ever-changing. Our weekly position rankings will give you the top-3 players at each position over the course of the season. There’s sure to be some staples throughout the season, as well as some much welcomed surprises. Without further adieu …


Point Guards

Stephen Curry — Steph is just too far ahead of everybody else. He’s playing well enough that he even drew an MJ comparison from Kevin Garnett. Curry has 56 rebounds in 11 games this season. If you think that sounds really random, it is, but the point is that he’s also made 57 3-pointers in those same games. More 3’s than rebounds … insane. Some additional insane numbers: he’s averaging 33.4 points with 5+ boards, 5+ dimes and 2.5 steals on the season.

Russell Westbrook — Durant-less Westbrook may be a fantasy god, but even he can’t overtake Curry. Russ showed us that he is actually human, getting pushed around by Marcus Smart on Sunday, but his two previous games were both the monster triple-doubles we’ve been accustomed to seeing.

Kyle Lowry — Lowry is quietly one of the best DFS players so far this season. He was on the cusp of the top-3 PGs all year, but guys like Wall and Lillard have always been a bit more attractive. Over his last two games, Lowry has a modest 44 points to go along with eight rebounds, 12 assists, eight steals and 10 triples. That’s been enough to bump him up.

Shooting Guards

James Harden — Nobody is even close to his title of best SG right now. Even on nights where he’s off, you know he’s still going to get to the FT line and his usage rates will still be off the charts. Although he rarely has double-doubles, he still fills out the box score pretty nicely around his lethal scoring.

Eric Bledsoe — There’s a big falloff after Harden, which allows guys like EB to jump the pile and arrive at No. 2. Bledsoe has been having a good year, but has been fantastic of late, averaging 28.0 points, 6.3 rebounds and 8.0 assists over his last three games. He’ll be ranked here for as long as he can keep giving us those numbers.

Jimmy Butler — He might not be playing great, but nobody can step up and knock Butler out of the rankings right now. After a couple of brutal games, Jimmy finally shot over 50 percent for a game and was able to score 27 points. Maybe it will prove to be a bounce back game, but you know the deal by now. Butler is going to play a ton of minutes and is very active on both sides of the ball. He’s hard not to like.

Small Forwards

Paul George — With KD missing time, George has been the best SF in the NBA. After a slow start, he’s scored 26+ points in six straight games (five of them with 9+ rebounds). We can officially say that George is back to being the player he once was before that gruesome leg injury.

LeBron James — ‘Bron has been very hit or miss this season, but he’s still extremely elite on the whole. He’s scored 29+ points in five in a row, highlighted by Saturday’s 37-point/12-rebound effort. Although he hasn’t had a triple-double yet this season, he still fills out the stat sheet pretty nicely.

Kawhi Leonard — Kawhi missed a game on Saturday, but it appears it was just a cautionary move. He’s expected to return to action and continue to be a nightmare matchup. This has transitioned into Leonard’s team as only the Spurs could do. Kawhi has just been too solid across the board to ignore — 21.9 points, 7.5 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.9 steals, 1.3 blocks.

Power Forwards

Anthony Davis — It’s still the Anthony Davis show here atop the PF rankings. Just as AD was about to fall off, he returned from injury and proved we should have no worries, dropping 36 points to go with 11 boards and four rejections. It’s bitter sweet because most of us expected Davis to have even a better season, but his current numbers will do just fine for best PF in the league.

Blake Griffin — More of the same old here. Blake had a hiccup when he didn’t have a great game against the Mavs, and then was ejected the next night against in Phoenix. However, his 34/8/9 line with a couple steals and a block made up for it on Saturday.

Draymond Green — When you’re playing as well as Draymond, you rise quickly. Green triple-doubled on Saturday night, just a game after missing a trip-dub by two boards. Green had been on a streak filled with ups and downs, but thanks to 39 points, 18 rebounds, 24 assists, four steals and six blocks over his last two games, that streak is over.


DeMarcus Cousins — Boogie is back in action and looking great. After “easing” back into things with 21 points and 12 rebounds in his first game back, Cousins has had 33+ points and 9+ boards in every game — including a monster 40/13 performance. He’s undoubtably the best center in the league when healthy.

Andre Drummond — Drummond went a whole week without having a 20/20 game! Time to drop him down … Really, if it wasn’t for Cousins’ return, Andre would still be No. 1. He has recorded a double-double in every game of the season, so when we call him a “walking double-double,” that’s just a fact. It’s not even close either, he’s averaging 18.5 points and 19.0 rebounds.

Hassan Whiteside — Whiteside has been ridiculous of late this season. He hasn’t been Drummond, but he’s very likely to have a double-double, and has shown the ability to score the ball. What makes him this high, though, is his shot blocking. I was going to ramble on about how he’s rejected 13 shots in his last four games, then realized that’s only one block more than his average of 4.0 per game has been. This dude is simply a beast on what has been a very good Miami squad.

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