Basketball’s perennial superstar was everywhere this past weekend — from the hardwood to the field in San Francisco to practically a bat light in the sky.

On Saturday, the Warriors defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder on a national TV primetime stage in a thriller at Oracle Arena. After a slow start, the contest had all sorts of Stephness down the stretch:

How the hell are you supposed to defend that any better than Serge Ibaka did? lol.

Speaking of impossible to defend Steph things, here’s a cross-court dime (and Dab)


UMMMMM (cc: LeBron James)

And then, on Sunday — Steph Show at the big game!

Can we talk for a second what would have happened if Steph hurt his wrist during this? Warriors fans would have stormed stadium like World War Z and eaten the souls of everyone in a Panther jersey.

Anyways, before he left the field — he debated with Ayesha if he could make a 3 from Santa Clara:


And after the game was over, we are still debating players’ legacies/fall outs/hindsight plays/etc… but one thing is for sure: the Houston Rockets are in big, BIG trouble on Tuesday night