(press play on this before reading to feel those Golden Hyphy Vibes yo)


Cleveland is gone, the King is dead, and 40 years of waiting just became SO TOTALLY WORTH IT BRAH! Congrats to the Warriors who may be the most universally liked Champion I’ve ever seen. Not only an amazing team (a perfect mix of entertainment/fudamentals/LONGBALL) but some of the most passionate crazycool fans in all of sports. Oracle how you feeling dawg?




As far as California riots go, seems as if Oakland went the Golden State route and had a flashy but classy celebration in the streets. WHERE IS ALL THE GHOST RIDIN’ DOE



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Oakland going UP….ON A TUESDAY




Oakland going DOWN…ON A TUESDAY



Hannibal Buress and his silly hat must’ve sent some good juju to the Warrrrrrrriors



What a time to live in the Bay Area.! A dynasty no one knows about in the SF Giants and dynasty everyone will be rooting for during the next decade. Have a day Oakland HAVE A DAY! PS: Got emmmmmmmm