You kinda knew it was coming — twas the perfect storm:

  1. LeBron said a couple things about the Cavaliers being “finally healthy” this time the Cavaliers faced the Warriors. K.
  2. The Warriors got their doors blown off at The Palace of Auburn Hills over the weekend by the Detroit Pistons
  3. They don’t like losing. At all.
You see, that rare time the Warriors actually do lose — whoever they play next usually feels the wrath of their freight train from hell death machine offense fueled by Steph Curry The Grey:


Even the humble Warriors point guard came into the game talking a little bit of trash:

“Obviously, walking in the locker room, it’ll be good memories,” Curry said Sunday. “Hopefully, it still smells a little bit like champagne.”

And the trend of Warrior retaliation continued last night in Cleveland, where Golden State put one of the biggest beatdowns of the season on the East-leading Cavaliers in front of their own fans.

Steph came out launching threes from Cincinnati

So, LeBron tried to get physical with him and it … well, how do I put this politely…? Didn’t work.

That moment when you realize you shouldn’t have pissed off Steph Curry


One-handed grab and finish like he Odell Curry Jr.

And then came the disrespect: Curry literally turned around and left the TV screen before the ball was halfway to the rim

Andre Iguodala knew it the whole way too:

Recommendation, away fans: do not try and make Steph miss open threes, he’ll just wet them even more than wet gets.

The Warriors had Kevin Love running around like someone disconnected his controller