The Rockets shouldn’t even be in the Western Conference Finals. But as we know, down 19 points late in Game 6 at Staples Center, Houston found a way to pull it off and stun the Clippers. Last night, the Rockets got a taste of their own medicine from the Warriors.

The great part about the playoffs is that a guy like Livingston can be the difference in a game.
The great part about the playoffs is that a guy like Livingston can be the difference in a game.

Houston came out and punched Golden State right in the nose, starting off the series better than even Rockets fans could ask for. Things looked great in the middle of the second quarter, when the 10-point underdogs held a 16-point lead on the road (in the hardest building in the league to steal a win in).

Then, as everyone predicted, Shaun Livingston channeled his inner Josh Smith, and took over the game. Livingston essentially had a perfect quarter, shooting 5-for-5 from the field and 4-for-4 from the line, good for 14 points, a pair of boards, an assist and a steal. Top it off with a Steph Curry buzzer-beater, and the Warriors took a 58-55 lead into the locker room to cap off a 25-6 run.

Curry carried that momentum into the second half, continuing to dominate the game like the MVP that he is. The problem for Golden State? James Harden finished second in MVP voting and brought his A-game too. Both had 21 second half points, but the home team held on in this one behind another historic performance by Curry.


Hopefully Game 1 was the biggest loss the Rockets suffered on Tuesday, though. Josh Smith took a tumble into Dwight Howard’s knee, which we’ll wait to find out the extent of.  

Howard returned for a brief stint on the floor, but then was taken out for good and had his knee wrapped up on the Houston bench. The Rockets are going to need Dwight if they even want to have a chance to comeback in this series.

Hopefully, for competition’s sake, Howard can make a quick recovery. Otherwise, time to toss Clint Capela into those DK lineups for only $2 grand!

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