White Chocolate in the hizzzzzzy!!! It’s been 4 years since Jason Williams laced em up in the Association but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped throwing behind the back passes at any and all times. Granted the level of competition is slightly different but an elbow pass is an elbow pass no matter what league the court belongs to.

Honestly though that’s what makes him one of the all-time most watchable players in NBA history. Whether he’s on the hardwood with NBA All-Stars or scrubs at a YMCA, J-Will never ceases to bring the entertainment. And thankfully we only have to wait a few short years till we get the next best thing…

The NBA needs the elbow pass back in the absolute worst (best) way.






PS: Not likely to see White Chocolate make a NBA comeback but don’t think for a second he couldn’t still hang if he did. Austin Rivers knows exactly what I’m talking about.