With the PGA Tour in full swing, the NBA season hitting it’s stride, and the NHL seemingly already gearing up for the postseason, there is plenty of action to go around, even without a football lineup to set and baseball still being a couple months off. #DailyFantasyEverything

Featured Tournaments

What – Fantasy Basketball $2 Million World Championship

When – Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

*$2,000,000 in guaranteed prizes

*$1,000,000 to the overall champ

*Only 40 Entrants!

We’re still making millionaires, but you can only get a crack at this million by winning your way in. And sure, that means you’ll be facing the best of the best, but 1 in 40 is the best odds most of us will ever see in our lives at an instant million bucks. There are QUALIFIERS running regularly, including tomorrow night, where you can win direct entry into the main event, and satellites running nightly (inluding a $27 SUPERSat going down tonight). Good luck!

What – Fantasy Hockey $200,000 World Championship

When – Saturday, March 21st, 2015

*$200,000 in guaranteed prizes

*$100,000 to the victor!

*Only 25 qualifiers will compete!

Finally a contest that will prove once and for all that you don’t simply rely on the ignorance of others to win at fantasy hockey. Win this contest, and you will have bragging rights over the rest of the best. Plus, $100K richer is just about as rich as you’re gonna get playing fantasy hockey. So get after it. And you can start doing just that as early as Thursday – the next QUALIFIER runs at 7:00 pm Thursday night, and you can win your way directly into the biggest daily fantasy hockey tournament of the year! And if you miss it, don’t worry – there are qualifiers running routinely between now and the big day, and new satellites kicking off every night!

What: NBA $115K Crossover

When: TONIGHT! 7:00 pm

*$115,000 in guaranteed prizes

*$15,000 to the winner

*6,535 entrants

*1,330 people double their money!

This is tonight’s contest, but there is a $20 NBA Crossover running every single night. The total guaranteed dollars and top prizes vary depending on the amount of action (re: # of NBA games) that night, but the chance is always there for a big win on cheap dollars. Always.

What: PGA $65K Fairway

When: Thursday, February 5th, 6:00 am EST

*$65,000 in guaranteed money

*$10,000 to the champ

*2,730 will compete

*570 will win

The PGA offers up a chance at some of the most captivating fantasy action of the summer, with big ups and downs over the course of a weekend letting you build up a nice sweat by late Sunday afternoon, and this week will be no different. Remember to get those lineups set by Wednesday night!

But if you’re on our site, and looking for some action, it doesn’t matter if one of our big promotional tournaments is going on – every single day, there is plenty of daily sports for everyone, whether you love to watch the hoops or hockey, soccer or golf, or even MMA. #DailyFantasyEverything

And don’t forget to check out our “Create a Contest” feature where you can determine the entry fee, the number of contestants, and the sport. Make a contest public, or limit it to only your closest buddies and play for bragging rights or just direct challenge your archrival – the point is, it’s up to you!

Good luck!