“Basketball is a physical game, You’re going to take hits. The question is, how do you bounce back? How do you get stronger? Passion. Discipline. Fundamentals. Got that, youngbloods? Good. Now let’s go to work.”


Ah the first Uncle Drew commercial where Kyrie Irving is doing some real life method acting. This was filmed in Miami back in September so at least Irving was partially recovered from his fractured kneecap. No surprise to see him hovercarting around though, old man was feeling sore out there!



Amazingly even in heavy makeup Ray Allen’s stroke still looks pure as rain. What’s up with him being a legitimate old man now though? Yea he’s old but dude hasn’t eaten a cheeseburger in legit 20 years. Still in great shape and still swishes 3’s like it ain’t no thang… is a King-sized reunion coming next in Cleveland?


Gotta imagine this commercial coming out means at the very least, Kyrie is almost back to feeling like his normal youngblood self. The Cavs have won 7 in a row so it’s not like there’s any rush… Although if I’m a Cavaliers fan I don’t want any players staying in Miami longer than necessary. There’s slightly more sunlight there than Cleveland and A LOT of talents down on South Beach. Plus you just never know when and where the Godfather is gonna break out his next pitch…