With the Grizzlies surprising 2-1 lead over the Warriors, the winner of Game 4 was destined to win this series. The Warriors came out and grabbed a gutsy Game 4 win in Memphis, but then it looked like the Grizzlies might have what it takes to punch the Warriors back in their own building.

The Grizz came out and opened up a 13-point first quarter lead … and then forgot to play the final 42 minutes of the game, putting up 78 total points in a 20-point loss.

Memphis’ season will be on the line in Game 6. The Grizz are going to have to bring it if they want to stay alive, because they were awful in Wednesday’s loss. For starters, they’re going to need the Grindfather.

The bad news started before the game even began for Grizzlies fans.

He might not be able to hit a corner-3 for his life (which is why Steve Kerr used Andrew Bogut to defend Allen in Game 4), but the TA is crucial to Memphis’ success. Just look at 3-point shooting for the Splash Brothers last night: Stephen Curry netted 6-for-13, while Klay Thompson hit 3-0f-4. Their combined 9-for-17 was good for 52.9 percent … just a touch higher than the nine percent that Allen has yielded while defending the ball.

The Grizzlies’ problems went much deeper than missing their defensive stopper, though. Their paint presence of Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph simply wasn’t effective.

Zebo wasn’t necessarily shooting poorly (6-for-12), but Memphis needed more than 13 points from their bull down low — who turned the ball over four times and didn’t even attempt a free throw. Gasol, on the other hand, probably pleased you with his 46.5 fantasy points, but had a rough game in terms of efficiency — shooting just 8-for-22 and only attempting a pair of FTs himself.

Steph also did some pretty cool stuff …


Warriors vs. Clippers is going to be awesome.



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