The Spurs squeaked by the Clippers in a pivotal Game 5 in L.A. on Tuesday night, 111-107. Gregg Popovich and co. now take a 3-2 lead back to the Lone Star State with a chance to close the Clippers out at home in Game 6 of the Western Conference Fina …  I mean first-round of the playoffs.

The key moment in the game was clearly waiving off DeAndre Jordan’s go-ahead tip-in during the final seconds because of offensive goaltending. The Clippers put up a fight, but it was clearly the right call.

If you watch it in slow motion, it’s even more clear that the call was correct, but what Jordan should feel even worse about is that the shot was probably going in anyway …  
Tough loss, but if the Clippers have a bone to pick with any call in the game, it was this technical on CP3.  
 Paul did nothing but throw the ball to the ref … Sure, there was a little zip to it, but it’s late in a tight game and he’s just trying to keep things moving. There’s plenty of calls throughout the earlier part of the game that can be discussed, but the truth is some calls will be missed every game. This technical foul, though, has nothing to do with the debate of is the ball on the rim or not … it’s just a brutal example of a ref trying to make the game about himself.

Game 6 is sure to be a classic. Just as we expected, this series has been an absolute dual between two of the best teams in the league. Can’t wait to watch, as I did Game 5. And if you watched Game 5 like me, then you remember Reggie Miller having an extremely awkward moment discussing what fans mean when they chant “you suck.”   

Andddd of course he kept going …  

Anyway, Game 6 on Thursday is going to be awesome. So be sure to watch if you want some great basketball and some clueless Reggie Miller comments.

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