How about that Daytona 500 finish? That was wild! While the big NASCAR race certainly took over much of the attention of the sports world this weekend, there were still a ton of other highlight reel plays. The Association certainly featured some great moments over the weekend with some awesome matchups and killer dunks!

But while that’s cool and everything, what exactly were the Top Plays from the weekend?

That’s where we come in.

We’ve selected the Top 5 Plays that we believe were the best of the best for your viewing pleasure. Don’t agree? See a play we missed? Let us know on Twitter at @dkplaybook.

Without further adieu:

5. Westbrook the Bestbrook threads the needle and jams the rim

4. A dunk that will certainly raise an eyebrow

3. Kyle Anderson bops ’em and throws it down

2. Booker goes up, Booker throws down

1. Denny Hamlin’s photo finish at Daytona