Capitals Fire

In an age where it seems like marriage proposals are getting more-and-more excruciating to watch — originality is bleeding a slow death every time some dude asks his girlfriend to marry him via a jumbotron.

That ends today.

For anyone who hasn’t seen ‘Love and Basketball’ before, THIS is how you propose. No cheesy fancy sunset, no “Will you marry me?” written in the sky, no get a bunch of cute kids to hold up a sign … the element of surprise + peer pressure + favorite activity NEVER fails.


Not only did this guy check all of these boxes, he even threw in a wicked guilt trip — making it appear as though she injured him bad. Emotions were already overwhelming this poor chick, and let’s be honest: she had absolutely no choice but to say yes. Not with all those mutual friends in the gym.

Long story short: This is a friendly reminder that ‘The Wounded Duck’ is now, and forever, the most effective element of surprise tool available to the human race and is undefeated to this day.