So, was it good for you?

It was for me. I’m talking about the last gasp of basketball action we get until this Thursday.

Wait, this has gotten off on the wrong foot already. I’m Cole. I’ll be you newest Daily Fantasy Abuser/Blogger on Draftkings. The madmen running this asylum have seen fit to allow one of the inmates a soapbox to pontificate from.

Don’t worry, I’m kinda like you. I kinda like sports and stuff. And some people think I can write so you can have something to read.

I’ll try not to use big words.

So what’s the big story we can glean from the All-Star Game? Westbrook hit his head…ON THE FRIGGIN BACKBOARD! He’s okay. Does the NBA have a concussion protocol? Curry dished out assists like mashed potatoes in a high school cafeteria. No surprise. Oh! He also shot the lights out in the three point challenge. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

I’m talking about the story that isn’t a real story, but should be. In fact, there are two.

Zach LaVine and Andrew Wiggins.

Yeah, I said it. I’m not talking about the boys that are racking up boom-shaka-lacka numbers each night. Harden. Westbrook. Take a seat, gentlemen. Mr. LaVine and Mr. Wiggins have the floor for this corner of the blogosphere.

Let’s break it down shall we?

Zach LaVine proving you don't need wings to win a Dunk Contest.
Zach LaVine proving you don’t need wings to win a Dunk Contest.

So LaVine, do you have anything to say for yourself? You shouldn’t. You’re 19 years old. You nailed the dunk contest with perfect scores. You have the right to remain silent, Sir. Because you just stole the future.

Many will try to explain away the Dunk Contest is superfluous to the skill set it takes for a basketball player to really excel at a professional level. And those guys that talk that trash have never dunked a basketball. I did. Once. I set the rim to eight feet off the ground and I didn’t look as good as LaVine.

What dunking a basketball in the manner that LaVine did does show is creativity. Brilliance. Thinking on ones feet. These are useful skills and instincts to have at a professional level. So, there naysayers. Nanny-nanny-boo-boo.

As for fantasy basketball application. Look to his partner in crime. Ricky Rubio. Yes, Rubio is healthy and settling in nicely to the Timberwolves pace. This is a good fit for LaVine. Rubio has years of experience and with high flyers like LaVine jumping and soaring. This is also where the creativity comes into play. Remember Rubio and Love? Remember how they have a great one-two punch? LaVine will complement and spread a defense out because of his creativity. Rubio will run circles around them and find the open man.

This brings us to the next big surprise. And the final member of this merry band of players.

Andrew Wiggins throwing down the roundball in the Rising Stars Game.
Andrew Wiggins throwing down the roundball in the Rising Stars Challenge.

Another 19-year-old bolstering the ranks of the Timberwolves, Andrew Wiggins stands to not only learn and continue growing but also contribute. He’s said it himself getting traded from the Cavs was the “best move for me.” I agree. It’s not that I don’t think the Cavs will not have success. I think that the Timberwolves are playing the long game and they have the pieces to compete. There is also a lot to be said when a player is happy, especially a young player with skills, room to grown, and the desire to do so.

Think about it. How much did the Cavs pay for LeBron, Irving, Love, and Mozgov. Meh, numbers, numbers, numbers, feel free to look them up.

The point is the Timberwolves didn’t pay much for Wiggins or LaVine. And the dividends that will be paid by these two 19-year-old wonderboys will be returned in the very near future.

Wiggins is already averaging over 15 points per game. Rubio just came back from an injury. And with LaVine already sneaking into a few winning lineups I’ve seen on Draftkings, I have a good feeling about this trio. Sure you might not want to include all of them in a line up for a specific evening. But you can track them, find their patterns and find when one is on an up swing and get a deep value pick for the evening.


Well, I’ve hit my word count. So, may the DFS Gods be merciful and trust your gut.

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