If you don’t know #MACtion by now then you are doing it all wrong. Simply put, it’s the most thrilling football day of the week and it’s not Sunday no no. IT’S WEDNESDAY BABY! Now Hump Days are all about husky high fives and a brand of pigskin you just can’t find anywhere else.

Unless you turn your eye down South to the Sunbelt Conference aka #Funbelt. They bring the noise on Tuesday nights and aside from the NFL, AFL, CFL, XFL, NFL Europe, LFL, and every other college football conference ever… they are the ONLY ones to ball out as hard as #MACtion does. Naturally such a budding rivalry of complete football dominance can lead to some dust-ups, like it did last night in the Twitterverse…
















It’s okay #Funbelt, at least this dude’s got your back!




Apparently Twitter Wars are the flavor of the week (although I wish they were all Star Trek themed) because Rudy Gay is getting his bitter GIF on too.

He wasn’t that happy with ESPN ranking him the 70th best player in the NBA, so he decided to TGIF on a Monday real quick…





Bye Rudy’s argument!