If you’re looking for an entertaining account to follow on Twitter, look no further than the Sacramento Kings’ account.

If laughs, highlights, engaging content and most of all trolling is your thing, than it’s definitely the account for you.

Known as one of the league’s premier social media voices, the Kings have been involved in their fair share of online banters – most notably their exchange with the Cavaliers after beating them earlier this season:

Last week, however, the NBA’s commissioner, Adam Silver put a new social media policy in place to prevent “twitter wars,” a.k.a. tweets knocking other teams/players:

That didn’t stop the team’s social media manager from putting a new, unique spin on the situation in a game against the Atlanta Hawks:

Following that epic Twitter performance, the NHL’s Dallas Stars decided to poke fun at the NBA’s new social media rules – and got a lot more than expected:


Then came THE HEAT. The Stars, who held a 3-1 lead over the Predators in yesterday’s game, eventually lost 5-3. You know what came next:


Firing back and trolling the Indians for their last championship in 1948? FOR THE WIN:

You go, Kings twitter account guy. Keep up the good work. One suggestion – MORE BOOGIE!