DeAndre Jordan agreed to a 4-year/$80 million contract with the Mavericks this past weekend. Apparently that doesn’t mean a thing, because the race for DJ is as hot as ever.

I mentioned in my free agency predictions (and grades when we thought Jordan was a Mav for sure) that DeAndre was as close to 50/50 as you could be while choosing between the Mavs and Clips. So much so, that he now has no idea what he wants and will be meeting with both organizations in Houston again before anything is final.

Here’s some of the news:


We’re playing hardball now, guys.

This is NOT normal, and the fact that DJ is even allowing this to happen tells me that he still wants to be a Clipper. Jordan is reported to have even reached out to Doc Rivers regretting his decision, to which Doc responded by playing clueless to the fact DJ wanted a bigger role within the team, and has since offered him more touches. Can you imagine how furious Mark Cuban would be after a heist job like this by LAC???

As you can imagine, these events have caused Twitter to explode. But the reaction has not even been close to that in which the players that figure to be involved in the meetings have received.

Master recruiter, Chandler Parsons, got things going, and boy, did the Clippers respond. Follow along now.


Of course, Parsons kicked things off by implying that he’s grabbing a flight to Houston for the meetings. JJ Redick (who lives in Austin), wasn’t far behind with his response.

The timing couldn’t have been worse for Griffin, who posted on IG relaxing in Hawaii just an hour earlier.

(UPDATE): Photo has since been removed.

  And then CP3 chimed in with a joke of his own. Which if you don’t understand, refers to his little banana boat ride with his buddies.  


NBA free agency has now come down to emojis … and apparently everybody loves that. But seriously, this is unheard of. We should know by tonight where DeAndre REALLY plans on playing next season, which actually has huge basketball implications. 

If Jordan knows what’s best for him, he’ll blow off the other two meetings and head to Kobe’s house right now.

UPDATE: (3:15 PM): Paul Pierce, who is expected to be at meeting with Clippers, has gotten in on the fun. (Yes this is a picture of an emoji because Paul Pierce is old). 

(4:45 PM): Oh no Big Papi didn’t … Guess this settles it. Everyone go make your MLB DFS lineups.  

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