As if things couldn’t get better for 145 MILLION DOLLAR man Anthony Davis, now he’s added another gadget to his bigman utility belt and it’s a pretty useful trick. Alvin Gentry already earning that paycheck with ease..



So The Brow is only 22… averaged 24/10 last year along with ridiculous defensive stats… lead a team of nameless men to the playoffs IN THE WEST… oh and also did this in February which essentially decided the playoff tie-breaker against the Thunder



Alright Brow can be clutch when needed but what’s that deep stroke look like when he’s not double clutching?



And don’t worry he’s still perfecting his defensive prowess too. Sucks so bad showing up to the YMCA to casually shoot around and you end up getting pwned every second you exist on the floor


antblock1 antblock2 antblock3