Everyone knows you can’t give yourself a nickname and yet so many people, specifically athletes, try so SO hard to make them stick. Do you think NBA veterans liked seeing this before the season even began?




Allllllllrighty then. I’m not saying they don’t deserve the title.. but guys lets maybe play one actual game first? Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone though, Andrew Wiggins has been nicknamin’ himself since Day 1. Check out the NBA Rookie of the Year way back in Middle School..



Mr. Fantastic! Gotta admire the confidence and maybe in this case Wiggins is absolutely right. He did grow up to be pretty darn fantastic. I definitely like it better than Maple Jordan. Lets pump the brakes HARD on comparing anyone to His Airness. GOAT of nicknames IMO. Also GOAT of life. Wiggins is no slouch either though..