If you’re a human being on Earth there’s a good chance you’ve seen Michael Jordan’s game winning DAGGER over Craig Ehlo in the ’92 NBA Playoffs. It’s not only one of the greatest playoff shots ever, it really is the shot that made MJ “His Airness”. Not just because he hung in the air for 10 seconds but also because it’s something the young Bulls REALLY built on. Not too shabby for your first playoff buzzer beater huh?

Also worth mentioning MJ hit a shot to put them ahead with 6 seconds left too. Cavs came back and of all people Ehlo scored a go-ahead layup. Then as they always do, Cleveland got MFin SPACE JAMMED. At least they went out in style, it’s not called “The Shot” for nothing. And now we have a brand new angle of all that Greatness..



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Pure EPICNESS. I get sadder and sadder everyday knowing I never got to watch Mike in his prime. Oh well at least we have Youtube and Twitter.