Once the football season ended, I transitioned over to NBA DFS. It has been quite the experience thus far and I have learned a great deal. In this second half of the NBA season, I’ve set a goal for myself. I’m going to participate in more steps tournaments to allow me to hop into some of the higher buy-in tournaments without investing a large amount of my bankroll. For those of who are not aware of what steps tournaments are, allow me to explain. A Steps tournament is a 4-level series of contests with continually higher buy-ins, peaking with huge cash prizes at the last step. The first step costs $2, the second step costs $7, the third step costs $25, and the fourth and final step costs $88. For the most part, these are 10 player games, but you also have three, five, and six player games available in some steps. In the 10 player games, the top four places win a prize. First and second get a ticket to the following step, but in the last step the top two finishers win $200. Third and fourth win a ticket to participate in the same step.


Say you play step 1 for $2, if you place top two in a 10 player game, you’ll win a step two ticket (a value of $7). If you place third or fourth, you’ll receive another step one ticket to play again. Essentially you’re breaking even.

In 10 player games, 40 percent of the players cash, in six player games 50 percent of the players cash, in a five player game 40 percent of the players cash, and in a three player game 66.6 percent of the players get paid.

Another appealing feature of the steps tournaments is that the tickets are eligible for all sports. For example, if you win a ticket for a step two tournament in a basketball game, you can use the winning ticket in any other sport.

For those getting their feet wet with DFS, steps can be a good way to learn. They payout a high percentage of the players, they offer low variance, and you can buy in to a low amount. This can also be for someone like me, who has been playing daily for some time now and is looking for another way to increase my roll with minimum risk. For those who have read my work, you know that during the NFL season I wrote a weekly piece called Season Long to Daily. In that piece, I explained my transition from a yearly league to daily leagues and everything I learned along the way.

This will be somewhat similar. I’m going to start off with a step one tournament and attempt to work my way up. The plan is to participate in several steps tournaments on a weekly basis and go over my approach and results. In my analysis, I’ll breakdown my strategy, what games I chose, the reason I chose them, what I’ve learned, and my progress. My goal is to increase my bankroll through the steps tournaments. I look forward to sharing my experience with you and hopefully providing you with some helpful tips to play and do well at these games.