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Fantasy Writer


After taking a day off, I went back at it in Wednesday’s 11 game slate. This time around, I took a different approach in creating my lineup. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is exactly what you need to do. It doesn’t always mean you’re going to get the results you want, but at least you tried something new. You’ll notice below that this time I went with a less balanced and a more star studded team. I’ll break down all my plays below.

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Last Night’s Lineup

PG- Stephen Curry – Curry was whom I wanted to build my team around initially. He flirted with double-doubles in two of three games heading into this one and had one double-double in that span. He was cheaper than $10,000, which is always a plus for an elite player who is capable of 50+ fantasy point games on just about every night he steps on the court. He’s an absolute beast.

SG- Kent Bazemore – He was going to get the start and had done a solid job in other times he started. Heading into this game, Bazemore was 27 fantasy points in his previous three games. He was playing the Warriors and I was expecting a fast paced game where Bazemore would get plenty of shots. He underperformed by more than I would have liked as he just scored 16.75 fantasy points. I was the only one who owned him.

SF- Andre Iguodala – I needed about 22 fantasy points from Iguodala to hit value and I didn’t think that was out of reach for him. He had topped 21 fantasy points in three of four games prior to this one. He had also played 28 or more minutes in each of those games. He was getting the minutes and producing solid numbers, plus this game had a high over/under which was an added incentive for me. He exceeded my expectations and scored 39 fantasy points.

PF- Blake Griffin – Here was another high-level player I went with. There were a couple of things that called my attention regarding Griffin. He had played well in his first two games back from injury, scoring 40+ fantasy points in each of those games. I also thought this could be a matchup that favored him as he took on the Kings who aren’t known for their defense. In January, Griffin had scored 30 real points against them. I expected him to continue to play well and was hoping that after two games in he would have that big 50+ point game he’s capable of. It didn’t happen, but he did score 45.2 fantasy points, which I was content with.

C- Andre Drummond – Unfortunately I didn’t get the memo that eight other teams were going to have Drummond in their lineups. He was at a very economical price by his standards and had the best matchup a center can ask for. He was playing the Sixers, who surrender the most fantasy points per game to opposing centers (51.9), as well as rebounds per game (16.1). Several games prior to this one, the Sixers allowed 24 rebounds to DeMarcus Cousins. He underperformed, but fortunately since all but one team rostered him, it didn’t affect my team that much.

G- Kyle Lowry – Lowry kicked off March with a bang as he scored 40.75 fantasy points against the Hornets on March 6th, and it didn’t stop there as he went on to score 50+ fantasy points in three of the next five games. I decided to ride the hot streak, especially with such a good matchup ahead. He was playing against the Timberwolves who give up the fifth most fantasy points per game to opposing point guards (51.6). I also thought he wouldn’t be on many other teams and that he could be a player that puts me ahead of the pack. Only one other team played him, but he didn’t perform as I expected and scored just 21.75 fantasy points.

F – Rodney Hood – He had scored 23+ fantasy points in four consecutive games heading into this one. The Wizards had been a tad more vulnerable against opposing shooting guards in recent games, so it seemed like a perfect scenario. He was $4,600, which was a perfect price for what I was doing with my roster and needed 25 fantasy points to hit value, which he had surpassed in each of his three previous games. Unfortunately, he fell short of value and scored just 16.25 fantasy points.

UTIL – Steven Adams – I couldn’t ignore Adams at $4,000 and felt he fit in my team just fine.  I felt comfortable with his floor and thought he was a low risk, high reward player. Adams had topped 23 fantasy points in three straight games, including one 30+ point performance. The matchup was also one in his favor as the Thunder hosted the Celtics who surrender the fifth most fantasy points to opposing centers (49.4). He was my steady, but economical option and he panned out. He scored 36.25 fantasy points which was more than I expected.




What I Learned

This was the first time that I went with a ton of mediocre players and multiple studs in one lineup. Griffin, Curry, and Drummond all are high-end plays for the most part. I felt that this slate provided a lot of value plays due to injuries on some teams. Since the opportunity presented itself, and I wanted to try something I different, I ended up taking more risks than I normally would. I focused on ceilings and less on floors, although I didn’t completely disregard floors because I felt that each of the economical players I went with had a higher than normal floor. Lowry was the one player that blew up in my face. I paid a relatively high price for him based on his recent performances, which was something I did with several other players as well. I went with a smaller sample size of production, rather than a larger sample size. Huge mistake I must say, but one that I learned from. I did have some players that underperformed, which resulted in finishing 13 fantasy points shy of fourth place. However, when taking chances, there’s a higher chance of that happening. In my next attempt I’m going to focus more on what I have been focusing on, which is balance, high floors, contrarian, and consistency. There is less room for disappointments when taking that approach, which would ultimately give you a higher chance at winning.

Results: I got seventh place.

Total Fantasy Points (this round): 243.50

Days Played: 7 Days

Money Spent: $6 in Entries

Current Step: Step One

I’ll remain firing one lineup at a time for the time being, but look forward to continuing to share my experience with you. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @Armando_Marsal. Until next time!